Hunter & Gatti "I Will Make You A Star" Exhibition

“I Will Make You a Star” is the latest series of works by the artistic duo Hunter & Gatti and will be presented at the SLS South Beach Hotel, FL, coinciding with Art Basel Miami 2014. The exhibition consists of their Basquiat-inspired, over painted celebrity portraits featuring celebrities such as Pharrell Williams, Diane Kruger, Bruno Mars and Elisabeth Olsen and many more. The inaugural event will be hosted by super model Toni Garrn whose painting will also be displayed in the exhibition.

The exhibition reflects the desire of the artistic duo into bringing together photography and painting in one format while paying tribute to their main inspiration, the artist Basquiat, merging the celebrity portraits done in the past for fashion editorials and campaigns with his art. Their idea was to create a series of original hybrids that explore the limits of popular culture, reflecting, at the same time, fashion’s on-going interest in the art world. For that, the photographers started to paint over their photos, artistically adopting Basquiat’s primitive style, in order to give them a new-born identity, a new origin, and make them unique.

Hunter & Gatti wanted their works to perpetuate the wildfire velocity of fashion and the fast cycle of trends that continuously change from season to season, consuming voraciously any of the images they had created.

The whole concepts relys on the ideo of taking their photographic works out of the fashion context and place them into the artistic fields and therefore explore the blurred lines in between fashion and art.

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